The Houston RiteCare Infant Program is an exciting and innovative oral communication program for deaf children.  Research has shown that the earliest possible intervention produces the best possible results.  When deaf children learn to listen and speak, they learn to read like their peers and can realize their full academic potential.  Our RiteCare Infant Program provided this vital speech therapy, free of charge, to 28 eligible infants and their families during the past year.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Intensive speech-language therapy
  • Enables children to receive immediate intervention
  • Increases the child’s chance for success in oral communication in everyday life


1)      Ensure that families of hearing-impaired infants have timely access to the most qualified professionals and comprehensive services

2)      Capitalize on the critical time period for developing a deaf child’s listening and speaking skills

3)      Build strong parent-child relationships and strengthen parents’ advocacy skills

Enrollment requirements

1)      Between 0-18 months old

2)      Hearing Loss must be the primary disability of the child

3)      Commitment from parents


  • Prior to the Scottish RiteCare infant program the Center for Hearing and Speech served only 3 children
  • The Scottish RiteCare Infant Program started in 2006
  • To date, the program has served 79 children and their families
  • This year we are currently serving 28 children and their families


The program has transformed the lives of deaf children, teaching them and their parents how to communicate orally and setting them on a path towards academic success.

One of the most exciting outcomes is a sharp decrease in the average age of intervention for these hearing-impaired infants, a clear indication the RiteCare program is working.

If you feel your child qualifies for one of our programs, please fill out the form below.

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